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AwesomenessTV: ICYMI—Your Brand Is in Danger of Becoming Irrelevant

At Awesomeness, we engage this essential audience and help our partners do the same through innovative creative content and compelling storytelling.

If you think the media landscape has been going through a period of disruption, just think about what’s on the horizon: the first truly digitally native generation. It’s no wonder brands—and even entire industries—are looking over their shoulders.

Comprising 25 percent of the population today, Gen Z—those born between 1996 and 2011—is larger than Boomers, Xers and Millennials.

They’ll represent 40 percent of consumers by 2020, and even though they’re young, they have spending power and influence. It’s an audience you can no longer afford to ignore. So in case you missed it (ICYMI), it’s time to pay attention.

Gen Z has never known a world that wasn’t digital. They were online before they were born as their parents gave them Instagram hashtags, chronicled their pregnancies on Facebook, and posted about their births from their hospital beds. With the Internet at their fingertips before they were walking and talking, Gen Z has been given unfettered access to information at an early age, directly impacting how they see and engage with the world around them.

Gen Zers expect their entertainment, friends, brands and just about everything they engage with to be available whenever they want, however they want, optimized for the moment resulting in instant gratification. YouTube has catered to Gen Z from the very beginning, conditioning the online viewing experience to this audience. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 71 percent of Gen Z stream their entertainment and 61 percent of Gen Z would rather watch 10 hours of YouTube than 10 hours of TV.

That on-demand expectation carries over to the way Gen Z interacts with brands. Gen Z wants their brand experiences to be personalized and on their terms. So when a brand authentically engages them, they reward it. Gen Z’s spending power is estimated to be $200 billion next year and extends well beyond their own wallets. Their effect on culture, trends and household spending is widespread. Their penchant for disruption is undeniable.

At Awesomeness, we engage this essential audience and help our partners do the same through innovative creative content and compelling storytelling. Whether it’s t@gged on go90, Freakish on Hulu, or the wide theatrical release of Before I Fall, we tell the stories Gen Z cares about.

Our strategy has proven to convert Gen Z members into valuable advocates and customers. Navigating the landscape can be challenging, but at Awesomeness, we have successfully connected with Gen Z and can help you get it right. Brands can’t be wrong.

Awesomeness is a leading multi-platform media company defining the future of entertainment. It creates premium short- and long-form content for today’s most influential audience: Gen Z.

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NCC Media: On the Front Line of the Video Revolution

All viewers are adopting a multi-screen lifestyle, and exploiting the portability of programming powered by TV Everywhere.

By Andrew Capone, SVP, Marketing & Business Development, NCC Media

How things have changed. In the good old days (like, until 2014), virtually all of NCC’s business was in linear television, negotiated on cost-per-points against basic demographic data; digital video was relegated to the fringes of the big ad budgets. Not any more. With the MVPDs’ introduction of big data, micro-targeting capabilities, and vast amounts of content delivered across devices, our digital business is

exploding. It’s no longer a debate between TV and digital.  It’s a matter of bringing these platforms together to create more effective, impactful and flexible ad campaigns for marketers.

Despite the “TV is dying” smoke thrown up by “disruptors,” TV will remain the critical center of the marketing mix for a long time, and its reach and social currency are still unmatched. TV Everywhere—programming consumed on digital devices, either live or on-demand—is the largest and most desirable component of the digital video ecosystem. And our agency partners are clamoring for as much TV Everywhere inventory as we can mint.

TV Everywhere use is growing across all generational groups, not just millennials. All viewers are adopting a multi-screen lifestyle, and exploiting the portability of programming powered by TV Everywhere.  A 2016 study by Accenture found that 42 percent of people aged 14-55 prefer to watch TV on computers, smartphones and tablets, up from 32 percent a year earlier. It’s time to stop referring to multi-screen viewing as a trend. It’s the mainstream.

But shifting viewing habits have created challenges for media buyers. How do you navigate through the herd of multi-platform viewers to get your client’s message seen? How do you find the right video content for your brand? And how do you tie it all together with your core TV campaign to ensure effective reach?

Funny you should ask. Long a source for national and regional advertisers looking to reach local market consumers on premium cable networks, NCC now offers a range of services
for digital video programming across all screens and devices.

Our NCC GO platform allows marketers to reach subscribers watching live and time-shifted content across all screens. Cable subscribers can view the latest programming sooner than other SVOD providers like Hulu. NCC GO has access to more than 34 million cable subscribers who utilize TV Everywhere services, and more than 9 out of 10 of these users aren’t using services like Hulu to watch these shows.

In short, cable programming is still the best foundation for a multi-platform TV and digital video buy.  But while 77 percent of prime time viewing still goes to cable (per Nielsen NPower), it’s clear that audiences are migrating to different screens at all hours. In today’s viewing environment, consumers have choice. That’s why NCC and the MVPD industry have evolved to enable advertisers to reach consumers, wherever and whenever they choose to watch their favorite programming. These are the good new days.

NCC Media offers data and audience-driven advertising solutions in the most desirable  entertainment, sports, news and information programming and targeted online content on television, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. NCC is jointly owned by Comcast, Spectrum and Cox Communications.

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NCC GO: Connect with consumers across screens wherever and whenever they’re watching.

Targeted TV: Geo-target your message on America’s favorite cable programming.

NCC Edge: A digital video product for the connected millennial generation.

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NCC Media’s reach spans 98.5 million cable subscriber households.

Spectrum Reach: Targeting Multi-Platform TV

We’re able to market ourselves much more around customer needs—not the entire market, but specific segments of the market.

Spectrum Reach will be hosting a NewFront on May 5, its first as a combined company. We spoke with David Kline, EVP of Charter Communications and president of Spectrum Reach, about the company’s plans.

Spectrum Reach is the only MVPD doing a NewFront this year. How are you investing to improve TV targeting and performance?

There are a couple of ways. The first is programmatic, which to me means infusing lots of data into advertising and then automating the back end to make it easier to buy. We’re bringing that to TV. So we’ll be able to walk into a national advertiser’s office and use audience-based planning tools to show them how to optimize their linear television buys.

The second is household addressability, which we’re launching in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas/Ft. Worth this year, and then beyond in 2018. It will allow advertisers to pinpoint specific targets by household in an aggregated and anonymized way. So the guy at 101 Main St. at the same break on ESPN will see a different ad than the guy at 102 Main St., based on publicly available data that we buy or license.

What is the role of TV in a multi-platform video buy?

We know we have to be on every platform. We know that people are watching at home and out of home; we know they’re watching on traditional television sets and on tablets and their mobile devices. So we have to make sure the client’s marketing needs are met on every one of those platforms.

We’ve got products that do that today. We are one of the few in any of our markets that can give you linear TV, on-demand TV, TV on IP. We can give you out of home with TV Everywhere ads on streaming devices. We can be everywhere you want to be.

How can an advertiser approach you to make digital video work for them?

We don’t look at it as digital vs. traditional. I think advertisers want to get their message out and they don’t really care whether it’s digital or its analog or it’s traditional or it’s up-and-coming.

Let’s talk a moment about local advertising. How do you differentiate yourself?

We have things that broadcasters in our market can’t do. With Spectrum Reach, you can tailor your messages to your target audience. We’re able to market ourselves much more around customer needs—not the entire market, but specific segments of the market. We have 2.5 million spots a year in each one of our zones. That’s much more inventory than a local broadcaster has. And we can pinpoint to the household with our addressable technology once it’s rolled out. So we have a lot of tools in our belt that our competitors don’t have.


Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales and production services offered by Charter Communications, Inc., provides custom solutions for the modern media landscape utilizing national cable networks, internet advertising and promotional events supported by marketing, research and award-winning creative services.

Television: Put your advertising message in the spotlight through high-quality cable programming on over 50 networks.

Digital: Custom solutions to extend your TV messaging to any screen.

Creative services: Through Kernel, its award-winning team of writers, producers, editors and designers can craft compelling visual stories across any screen.

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Spectrum Reach has access to over 26 million cable and internet households across the country.


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